An Overview – Ganeshgrains

An Overview

Ganesh Grains – One Nutrition. One Nation

At the spirit of our business is our idea – to make sustainable living commonplace.

We trust that as a business we have answer-ability to our consumers and to the communities in which we have a presence.

There was a time when people used to grind wheat and gram at home. With time, they realized the worth of hygiene in grinned grains. Gradually they realized yielding the benefits of purity, freshness and quality in food products. It was around this time, Ganesh as a food grain brand started its humble journey. The aim was to retain the taste and aroma of purity in Mother Nature’s grain while providing the packaged wheat and gram in the Indian kitchen.

Ganesh is the one of the leading and most reliable brand over the past 8 (eight) decades. The year was 1936 when Ganesh first took the baby steps by introducing wheat and gram flour in the Indian market under the Brand Name – “Ganesh”. Today, Ganesh stands as the leading household name in wheat products, powders of cereals and pulses, ready to cook items, snacks and more. It was on March 9, 2000 the business got registered itself as “Ganesh Wheat Products Pvt. Ltd.” from a family owned business having registered office at 88, Burtolla Street, Kolkata – 700007. The company’s name was then changed to Ganesh Grains Limited.

Over the years the brand has witnessed revolution in terms of technology and human skills and has welcomed the change, happily with open arm.

We are backed with well-developed facility with cutting edge IT infrastructure in place, manned by our team of highly skilled professionals. Our modern IT infrastructure is equipped with the most modern ERP system to ensure seamless operations and improve efficiency.

Today, Ganesh Grains Limited stands as one of the leading and largest manufacturers of flour products in India.