Our Mission & Vision – Ganeshgrains

Our Mission & Vision

To be reputed as a leading trusted brand for high quality, nutrition rich food products.

At Ganesh, we are in hot quest of superiority. We are, indeed, in the midst of a revolution. A new work-culture and new work-ethos is the core of this revolution.

We’re committed to exceptional standards of performance and productivity. We wish to stand apart in the clutter as the premier manufacturer and marketer of fresh and quality food products.

We’ve combined the nature’s best with advance technical know how to create Ganesh Brand par excellence in the Food Industry. We’ve achieved the highest level of quality in fresh produce. We’re guided by the singular aim of providing our ever evolving list of consumers with the very best of Taste, Health and Quality. Now we seek to evolve as one of the leading food grain brand recognized globally. It is now our dream to bring our wealth of knowledge and expertise and to reach further into the hearts of each consumer India and abroad.

‘Make in India’ Initiative

India is ardent with hope of ‘achhe din’, but the revolution cannot be done overnight. No doubt, it will require a longer time horizon to correct the deep-seated difficulties, economy difference and broad basing development moving away from a discriminatory approach. It would all need endurance and determination, given the accumulation of several decades. The leadership of Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi radiates optimism of a new developmental exemplar to generate all-inclusive growth.

As we look ahead, I feel confident of strong growth in the medium to long term. It is my pleasure to welcome you all to our extended Ganesh Family, a group that strictly adheres to create a healthy world by providing the choicest natural grains and food products, which are 100% safe and retain the taste of purity and freshness of Mother Nature.

The Indian development story is of increasing urbanization and a growing middle class. With it, comes an increasing number of lifestyle and food-related sickness for people adopting the new way of life. We leave no foreign grains or dust unturned in order to ensure the highest standards of food safety and hygiene. The growth becomes even more exciting and that’s exactly what the growth story of Brand “Ganesh” reverberates. The story began humbly 80 years back, when the founders entered the industry in a small way, with the singular aim and philosophy of providing grains of the best Quality and Taste. Our unimpeachable quality products, cost proficient production process, voluminous experience of the market and rapid delivery has fetched us tremendous customer response.

“Ganesh” is engaged in ensuring implementation of class hygiene standards across all manufacturing units. It also gives me a certain amount of pride to think that the brand has never lost track of time while maintaining the fine balance between heritage and modernity. The journey has been enriching to say the least. At its helm I am overwhelmed to feel the love and respect that our valued consumers have showered on us.

We promise to bring joy, health, happiness and taste, each day and year after year for you.

Looking forward to a bright future, growing together!

Manish Mimani
Managing Director,
Ganesh Grains Limited